Thursday, November 13, 2008

OUTRAGE: Will Smith to "remake" Karate Kid

Will Smith is set to produce a remake of the classic "Karate Kid." To make matters worse, it was unveiled yesterday that his son will play Daniel Larusso. This is a travesty.

Will Smith is officially as annoying as J-LO. What's next, a remake of Lost Boys starring his son as Michael? His son playing in a remake of Lucas?

Karate Kid is my second favorite movie of all-time, why he feels the need to muck it up I have no idea. How will the scenes look? Will Johnny roll a doobie in the bathroom? The dance scene will likely resemble something from High School Musical. Who is gonna play Miagi? Lastly, Will Smith will likely cast himself as Sensei of Cobra-Cai.

Harrassing phone calls to Will Smith's office were not immediately returned.

(ED. It appears that the movie will be shot in Beijing, not Jersey and California. Nice fucking remake, gaypants)

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