Monday, July 18, 2011

Five Albums That Shape a Life

List Time! Woot! Eleventy! I am sorry that this blog has been dormant for so long, unfortunately certain states have certain codes of conduct. Plus I have been really, really, really, busy with work. The site will be back and running at full capacity as of now. There will be other contributors. Sit back and wait for the brainsplosion......

Ok, Ok, Ok, we all have those albums that shaped who we are now. Those albums that just bring back memories or those that finally made us realize what music was all about. This is not a list of singles; rather it is the whole albums (remember we used to buy those at real record stores) that we put in our discman and jammed out. We blasted these albums at various house parties, played them before HS Athletics and overall used them to hype ourselves up to handle the challenges that being awesome brings with it.

5. Public Enemy: It Takes A Nation of Millions

Anyone fucking with this was a bad-ass. I remember hearing this in the Saneholtz' basement and losing my mind! Fuck the Police! Fuck the System! These are what a 12 year-old needs in his life! Big shot out to Sharky Mark on this one. Sublimanly this album has been the number one driving social album for me. It has led me to decisions both good and bad. At twelve it might be hard to digest, but as age comes these songs have always been in my head. Key tracks include Black Steel in The Hour Of Chaos (a song about about a black man being drafted by the miliary), and Cold Lampin w Flavor an overall free for all.

4. Dr. Dre : The Chronic

"With my Nuts on Your Tounsils" became a form of expression. "lil Ghetto Boy"was a hard ass track. Can't forget "Deez Nuts" ." Nate Dogg delivers big time : "I.......Cant be Faded, I'm Nigga From the Mother Fuckin Streets." Really? Who comes up with this shit? Dr. Dre does and he puts it over George Clinton funk. Genuis.

3. Rage Against the Machine: Rage Against the Machine

I can't even begin to express the emotion that this album brings. "Fuck you I wont Do what you what you Tell me" doesnt even scratch the surface. This album is by the far the dopest rock album out. Period.

Albums #2 and #1 will be released this Thursday.....