Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Co-Worker the Dick

What you are about to read is a true story.

The other day I was talking about getting some canned goods together to take to the local food pantry. Times are tough around here and the food pantries have not been able to meet thier demand. An idiot co-worker of mine asked me what I was gonna give. I said, "I dunno, some generic canned goods." He called me lame.

When I asked him why I was lame he said that he hates generic spaghetti O's that HE gets from the food pantry. I was flabbergasted. This dick has a good paying job and he has been going to the food pantry to get food. Asshole. Why he is bitching about generic spaghetti-o's, when he should buy his own, I have no idea.

I nominate this dude for Dick of the Year.


Stigs said...

that's ridiculous. i wanted to use space on my blog to bitch about my co-workers. eventually, i decided against it. anyway, that guy you work with deserves crabs from 1000 donkeys to infest his pubic area. unless of course he was joking, then it is kind of funny.

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